To suppliers

Dear suppliers,

Joint Venture Limited Liability Company “Jurabek Laboratories” is incorporated and concentrated to manufacture high quality, safe and effective medicines.  Quality management system is certified by German certifying body DQS according to international standards ISO 9001, elaborated and introduced at our enterprise.  German auditors annually certify the conformance of manufacturing environment of Jurabek Laboratories to requirements of European Directive 2003/94/EC according to Good Manufacturing Practice.

Owing to the competent Company’s development strategy and quality of manufactured products, from 2008 Jurabek Laboratories has been taking the first place among domestic manufacturers in the volumes of production and is included in the five of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers at the market of Uzbekistan, competing with and advancing many foreign manufacturers. Keeping the position of a leader at the market is possible only owing to 1.5-2 times growth rate of production and sales of medicines, which has been observed for the last four years and is forecasting for the next five years.  

Dynamic and stable growth of Jurabek Laboratories may be only owing to close cooperation with suppliers of substances, accessory and packaging materials. At present the Company is working with a number of approved suppliers with which have concluded long-term contracts on delivery of necessary materials.  

Jurabek Laboratories will be glad to consider any mutually advantageous offer.