Clinical trial of solution for infusion «Cipraxol».

The efficacy and tolerability of a new drug of Jurabek Laboratories - solution for infusion «Cipraxol»  has been studied on the pulmonology department of the Tashkent Clinical Hospital №1.                    

A.M.Ubaydullaev, Head of the Department of Pulmonology TIAME, academic of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, professor and H.Tashmetov, chair assistant, are the authors of  clinical research solution ciprofloxacin treatment of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive airways disease, published as article in Medical Express, medical magazine.

Efficacy and tolerability of the drug  «Cipraxol» infusion solution production of JV «Jurabek Laboratories» ( Uzbekistan) was studied in comparison with the drug "Ciprinol" infusion solution production of «KRKA» (Slovenia) to identify possible drug issue recommendations for clinical application.

Main and control groups of patients with the presence of acute and chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis, etc.) receiving inpatient treatment were selected. Patients from the main group (20 people) were appointed «Cipraxol» 100 ml 2 times a day for 5 days with basic therapy. The control group (20 people) received "Ciprinol " on a similar basis. All drugs with the same effect were excluded.

100% drugs were well tolerated during the treatment, there was a decrease in temperature, a decrease in intensity and productive cough, normalization of blood and sputum. The drug is approved and recommended for clinical use in medical practice.

Based on the research conclusions were drawn about the effectiveness and safety of the drug «Cipraxol» solution for infusion, production JV «Jurabek Laboratories» (Uzbekistan), which is not inferior to foreign analogues .

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