Infusion drugs with Trilon-B (EDTA) - modern choice for patient safety

Antimicrobials when adding Trilon-B may enhance suppression zone antimicrobials growth of microorganisms. Jurabek Laboratories, tending to constant innovation and modern technology, produces  a number of products that contain as a stabilizer of 0.01% solution of Trilon-B, which has its own anti-microbial effect and amplifies it with antimicrobials.

The significance and impact on the effectiveness of this additive to drugs on Jurabek Laboratories medicines  were studied by professor Kh.I. Iskhakova and assistant professor  N.A. Shadmanova  of  Microbiology Department of the Tashkent Institute of Advanced Medical Studies.

Research of American Association of Anesthesiologists revealed that the majority of anesthesiologists and nurses in the United States do not comply in full with the recommendations of the Central Commission for prevention of healthcare acquired infections. The same problem is also present in other countries.

In order to prevent this, manufacturers of intravenous fluids were taken to the development of antibiotic additives allows for random external contamination of the drug within 24 hours to reduce bacterial growth 10 times. It is important that this additive does not inhibit the clinical efficacy and safety, as well as not to disrupt the stability of a solution thereof.

Studies have shown that ethylene diaminotetraatsetil  acid (EDTA - Trilon-B) in the minimum concentration (0.005%) is able  to inhibit bacterial growth without altering the efficacy and pharmacokinetics of the drug.

Antimicrobial activity of Trilon-B (EDTA) was proven against 20 microorganisms, including Gram-positive 7, 10 and 3 species of Gram-negative pathogenic fungi. This is due to the fact that EDTA has its own toxicity, altering the permeability of the cell wall and acting on other processes in the bacterial cell. 


Currently, medicaments such as Metralin (metronidazole) and Tsipraksol (ciprofloxacin), production of  Jurabek Laboratories, are composed as a stabilizer 0.01% solution Trilon-B, which is recommended by international organizations of Health for the prevention of secondary angiogenic infection (phlebitis and perilflebitov). Drugs are clinically and laboratory tested, are recognized by many experts and widely used in hospitals in Uzbekistan and abroad.

All of the properties of solutions with Trilon-B can be found in the full version of the article.


Professor Kh.I. Iskhakova, head of Microbiology Department of the Tashkent Institute of Advanced Medical Studies,  and assistant professor  N.A.  Shadmanova.