Recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of hospital-acquired (nosocomial) pneumonia

The rationale use of antibiotics, production Jurabek Laboratories, recommended for initial empiric antibiotic therapy of nosocomial (hospital) pneumonia are presented in the article. 

Nosocomial pneumonia (NP) associated with mechanical ventilation (NPivl) is called pneumonia, occurring within 48 hours of endotracheal intubation. Etiology NPivl varies depending on the time of occurrence of pneumonia and the presence of risk factors for colonization and infection by multidrug-resistant flora.

Antibiotic therapy is mandatory for this disease. Antibiotics production of JV «Jurabek Laboratories» such  as Vitakson (ceftriaxone), Ceffast (Cefotaxime), Jurazidim (Ceftazidime), СIPROKSOL(ciprofloxacin) are recommended for starting empirical antibiotic therapy of NP.

The following separate basic principles of treatment NPivlare noted by the author in the article:

· Early onset of adequate antibiotic therapy after blood sampling and microbiological examination of sputum.

· Evaluating the effectiveness of empiric therapy, evaluation of data and simplification of microbiological studies or de-escalation of antibiotic therapy in patients with proven clinical efficacy of treatment.

· Limiting the duration of treatment up to 7 days in most patients with uncomplicated NPivl.

· Change of antibiotic therapy in patients with ineffective empirical therapy.

In this case, the Department of Pulmonology TIAME based in 1st city hospital in Tashkent has long-term positive experience with using and recommending the drugs production of JV «Jurabek Laboratories» for the reason of the optimal balance price and quality in a wide range of assignments.


PhD N.N.Ubaidullaeva, assistant professor of pulmonology TIAME.

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