Jurabek Laboratories participated in a national health seminar in Bukhara city.

National seminar devoted to issues of health promotion and improvement of health c are quality was held in Bukhara.

The seminar provides information about health care quality in the region, as well as  conditions for improving population health, quality health care, medical examination of women of childbearing age and etc. A special attention along with the successes achieved in the region was paid to the deficiencies of the sector. In particular, it was noted the need to further improve quality of care in hospitals, early detection and treatment of diseases, medical culture, premarital medical examinations.

During the event, representatives of healthcare from over Uzbekistan in addition to the thematic reports had the opportunity to get information about the drugs, produced in Uzbekistan, in particular, about products of Jurabek Laboratories.

The special interest sparked new drugs of Jurabek Laboratories - infusion solutions, such as Regidratonik, Regidratonik Forte, Kadensum, widely used in the dehydration to restore fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and currently have no analogues in Uzbekistan.


Information about new drug of Jurabek Laboratories – Ciprохolum infusion (Ciprofloxacin), started to be produced in late 2013 also aroused interest in participants.

The infusion line in Jurabek Laboratories was launched in 2008 and has a number of advantages over similar  drugs sold in Uzbekistan. Infusionsare producing in polypropylene vials on innovative technology and meets the requirements of the European pharmacopeia.