Presentation of Jurabek Laboratories for representatives of AK "Dori Darmon".

Jurabek Laboratories regularly organizes presentations in order to strengthen partnership. Meeting with representatives of AK "Dori Darmon" was one of such.

Jurabek Laboratories and AK Dori Darmon as leaders of the pharmaceutical market in Uzbekistan are long-term partners. Presentation of new drugs of pharmaceutical company and video tour of the plant Jurabek Laboratories, which demonstrated the process and conditions of the production of medicines of manufacturer, were organized during the meeting.

The features and benefits of new drugs of Jurabek Laboratories aroused great interest by the audience. Another aspect shown at the presentation was prices of drugs, which are different from foreign analogues and more accessible to population.

Furthermore, growth dynamics of the partnership in recent years was also discussed. Particularly in 2013, contract amount with the company amounted to 3,5 billion sums, which is 1.5 times greater than the results of 2012 and annually organized International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange  helps to increase this volume.