Principal factor of the Company’s success in general depends on availability of highly skilled specialists in the Company. "Jurabek Laboratories" takes great care of Human Resource development, considering every employee as an individual personality.

Of course, a person, even having higher education, being hired cannot be a highly skilled specialist, only because at every company there is own specific character of work and field of activity. It is difficult for an employee to adapt in the staff and join in the work of an already existing team. In order to help this people to get over such difficult period, we help them to find the best character features in themselves, talking with them personally and conducting additional communicative trainings.

Every employee should feel a part of our team, realize his importance and strive to devote himself to his work completely; a man must feel his security and coming to the office, be sure that exactly his personality the Company’s success depends on. 

In order for employee to realize his importance for the Company and to provide maximum assistance in his further development, Human Resource Department experts execute personal development plan (PDP) for each of the employees.  When executing the plan they as much as possible take into account all the factors that may affect positively employee’s development both in carrier and personality.

PDP includes several directions such as: professional development, communicative skills, working in team and carrier growth.

One of the PDP principal priorities is employee’s professional development. To raise professional skills of the Human Resource, many trainings and instructions are held in the Company, some of which are: continuous training during the work; acquiring practical knowledge in related fields; participation in regular intra-corporative and external seminars and trainings; getting additional education and raising qualification.  

We help employees to use as much as possible their skills for carrier growth, appraising their abilities and determining their strong and weak sides to form skills, knowledge, professionalism and confidence. In the Company there have been elaborated and adapted programs which help to approach flexibly to every employee and to plan their carrier.  We permanently cooperate with educational institutions and training organizations. In the Company there have been elaborated and used Human Resource appraising, rotation and promotion systems. If an employee fulfills his professional functions, he is advanced. Accordingly, when an employee being promoted, then automatically are raised qualification requirements and responsibility level, functions get complex. Moreover, there is an opportunity in the Company to be transferred from one unit to other, and so everyone may express his wish to change field where he would like to be developed. We give a chance to all our employees to realize their ideas and achieve assigned goals.