Company history

In 1994 the process of privatization and transfer of pharmacies to private property under support of the government began. State Pharmacy No. 10, according to decree No. 132 of the Soviet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 11th 1994 “About privatization and transferring to private property of pharmacies included in the system of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was privatized among the first in the Republic, and acquainted the status of private pharmacy and was registered with state bodies as Pharmacy “Jurabek”.  

State Pharmacy No. 10 was named as “Jurabek” in honour of Jurabek ota Lutfullaev, Honoured Pharmacist, who worked in this pharmacy for more than 35 years and was respected by many people.  


State Pharmacy No. 10 managed by Jurabek ota Lutfullaev, and consequently Private Pharmacy “Jurabek” had small intra-pharmacy production facility to produce infusion solutions, powders and other medicines, and the management always tried to increase the assortment and to establish the manufacture of wide spectrum of medicines.  

The Company made a decision to open medicines manufacturing facility, and in 1996 jointly with Indian Company “Ace Laboratories Ltd”, and then with “Bravo Medical Equipment Trading. Est.”, United Arab Emirates opened joint venture.

This joint venture was named “Jurabek Laboratories”.  


Manufacturing began in 1999 by launching capsulated medicines production unit.

Launched capsulated medicines production unit became the first not only for the Company but also was the start of manufacturing of capsulated medicines in Uzbekistan. The first product of this workshop was ampicillin in capsules, which still has increasing demand over the last 10 years.

By 2014 we plan to launch a new capsulated medicines production unit.  


In the end of 2001, unit to produce tabulated medicines was launched.

Manufacturing of tabulated preparations was started-up in 2001 jointly with Poland Company Polfa Grodzinsk that made it possible to organise packaging of preparations purchased in form of in-bulk under the license of Polfa.  

By 2014 it is planned to launch a new modern production plant to produce tablets from API, including the process of granulation, tableting, coating, blistering and packaging.

In 2001 the Company registered ampicillin in capsules in the Republic of Kazakhstan and makes its first export shipment of own products.


One of the greatest achievements of specialists of “Jurabek Laboratories” became the launch of unique for the Republic of Uzbekistan, manufacturing unit of dry powder antibiotics of cephalosporin group. At present, a sufficient market share of cephalosporins’ in Uzbekistan is taken by antibiotics of “Jurabek Laboratories”, which means high trust of specialists from medical organisations and of population in medicines manufactured by “JurabekLaboratories”.


Being the innovator in domestic pharmaceutical industry, “Jurabek Laboratories” became the first domestic company that created marketing department where now more than 50 doctors and other specialists are working. Key function of this department is to increase awareness of our products among the specialists at medical institutions. Medical representatives of “Jurabek Laboratories” are recognized by doctors as reliable consultants, who can give recommendation not limiting to the product range, manufactured by the Company, always taking into account interests of patients and their health. “Jurabek Laboratories” strictly follows all the requirements of ethical marketing of medicines.

In 2005 the registration of dry powder antibiotics of cephalosporin group in the Republic of Tajikistan was finished, which allowed to start export of these products to this country.


Starting from 2006 projects of “Jurabek Laboratories” were included in government program on localistation of manufacturing of finished products. Inclusion of projects in different state programs on industry development permitted “Jurabek Laboratories” to strengthen its positions in the market as a leader not only among domestic companies, but among world manufacturers operating in Uzbekistan market as well. As a fact it lead to the increase in volumes of import substitution.  


Continuing investment activity in introducing new preparations into the market, in 2007 the Company finishes construction of two new production units.

Penicillin group antibiotics dry powder fillingunit made it possible to increase the antibiotics rangeand allowed“Jurabek Laboratories” to be a leader among suppliers of wide spectrum antibiotics in Uzbekistan, as a fact, reducing the import of analogue products from countries of the near and far abroad. 

The second workshop launched in 2007 was the ampoule preparations production unit, which are also in great demand in the market. “JurabekLaboratories” is quickly taking leading position among suppliers of ampoule preparations, and within short time achieves 100 percent production capacity.

Efforts of specialists of “Jurabek Laboratories” were highly appraised by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and in 2007 “Jurabek Laboratories” was awarded honorary title of “The best manufacturing enterprise”.

Activity over the expansion of export markets had resulted in delivery of dry antibiotics in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 


In 2008 efforts of the “Jurabek Laboratories” to create manufacturing facility of high quality medicines according to world standards, were confirmed by certificates by German certifying body DQS on introduction of Quality Management System ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, and Certificate of conformance of manufacturing environment to requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (E-GMP) under European directive 2003/94/EC.

In that year owing to the state support the Company keeps on attracting investments for expansion of production. Thus, in 2008 company signed loan agreement with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on financing of unique project on manufacturing of infusion solutions in polypropylene vials made of granules. Production of a new workshop has a number of advantages before analogues of such solutions, sold in the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

2008 to 2010

In this period the Company’s main strategy was directed to the development of export potential of the Company that has resulted in expansion of export geography including: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan. Today registration works are continued in Moldova, the Ukraine, and new potential export markets are being researched. The Company is opening representative offices in countries of export with the purpose to strengthen activities in products promotion.  


Today “Jurabek Laboratories” is a dynamically developing company with young and energetic staff of managers and specialists actively developing and introducing new technologies and methods. More than 800 employees are hired at the Company for whom individually selected internal and external training system is developed, and who are regularly qualified. Technical profile employees are frequently assessed for conformance and are trained.  Contacts with leading higher education institutions of Uzbekistan have been established for job placement of perspective students.

All efforts of Jurabek Laboratories in development of manufacturing and widening the assortment are directed “For the Health of Your Family”.