General information

Uzbek-Arab Joint Venture “Jurabek Laboratories” is a leading domestic medicine manufacturer meeting national and international quality standards. And so one of the most important and priority values of the Company is the quality of manufactured product, its effectiveness and safety in use.   

With the purpose to strictly follow all necessary terms and requirements in production of medicine, quality management system has been elaborated and organized at JV “Jurabek Laboratories” Ltd. Quality service in the Company is provided by Quality Assurance Department (QAD) and Quality Control Department (QCD).

Specialists of Quality Assurance Department and Quality Control Department of JV “Jurabek Laboratories” Ltd, in first, are responsible to insure the compliance of products manufactured by the Company to meet all the established international quality standards and as a fact steadily raise satisfaction of our consumers. Besides that, principal purpose of quality service is the execution of quality system documentation; performance of organizational-methodic and scientific-technical management in all the Company’s activity fields as well as development of improvement strategy in the quality of all production process.  

Besides the aforementioned, quality service of JV “Jurabek Laboratories” Ltd is responsible for effective application of international standards ISO 9001, and European Union directive on GMP 2003/94/EC. Compliance and application of these standards means that the manufacture of our medicinal preparations is fulfilled according to a number of indicators, beginning from availability of high quality equipment to efficiently arranged system of intra-productive quality control.

Notwithstanding the general orientation of two subdivisions of quality service (QAD and QCD), each of them principally differs from the other with the nature of fulfilled functions and kind of activity.

All the aforementioned again confirms that JV “Jurabek Laboratories” Ltd together with its specialists from quality service does his best in order to insure that production of medicines is at high quality level, competitive to world class analogues and meets consumer demands with the purpose to keep and strengthen nation’s health. 

Note for readers:

ISO - International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 9001 - standard of quality management system establishing requirements to quality management system which may be applied for internal application by organizations with the purpose of certification or contractual purposes.

European Union GMP 2003/94/ЕС - Good Manufacturing Practice, system of norm, rules and instructions regarding manufacture of medicine, medical devices, articles of diagnostical purpose, foodstuffs, food additives and active ingredients.