Mission, Strategy and Values

Our mission is:

To produce high-quality medicines distinguished by its effectiveness and safety for the health of your family

Our strategy

The strategy of  "Jurabek Laboratories" is based on three principal directions:

  • Development of medicines manufacturing by investment in high-tech modern equipment

  • Strengthening the position of import substitution of medicine at domestic market

  • Widening and strengthening the Company’s position at international market

In order to realize the tasks set in the development strategy, the Company is actively attracting foreign investment into new production lines using modern technologies. 15 out 19 manufactured products are included in the state program on import substitution. "Jurabek Laboratories’s" share of product in Uzbekistan in antibiotics of cephalosporin and penicillin group is more than 30%. The Company is actively increasing the geography of export and already present in all countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus Region with its products

Our values

All the Company’s activities are built up on the following values:

  • Quality – we set the quality as one of the most principal indicators of both products and processes related to the manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

  • Innovation – we define innovations as driver of development and perform any necessary analysis and researches of tendencies in pharmaceutical development, any possible improvements of current products, improvement of our specialists’ knowledge, and use of new technologies within the production and other processes.  

  • Team work – we highly evaluate the contribution of every member of our team into general business, appraise the results of mutual efforts and stimulate the culture of team work, orientations to overall goal and the involvement of each of us in successful activity of the Company.

  • Ethic activity – our Company’s managers in their decisions consider any consequences on rivals, environment as well as they adhere to ethic norms when negotiating with suppliers and state authorities. Any marketing events applied do not infringe upon consumers’ rights; promotion materials do not bear any false information with the purpose to increase sales and other purposes whatsoever.

  • Social responsibility – we realize that we are the integral part of society whom we are continuously striving to help.