Quality Control Department is imposed a number of the most important tasks, typical for any modern enterprise whose basic priority is the QUALITY. These are the tasks related to sampling, specifications, supervision methods and instructions on manufacture organization, documenting and delivery of products. Quality Control Department is the guarantee that all necessary tests are done indeed and that raw material is not accessed to the manufacture, and the product is not produced for sale if the quality thereof has not been found satisfactory. 

Quality Control Department at JV “Jurabek Laboratories” Ltd is a separate and independent on the manufacture subdivision, continuously supervising observance of requirements of national and international standards. It consists of three testing laboratories: chemical, microbiological, toxicological laboratory, and also there are local control zones in production workshops. QCD carries out incoming control of raw material (pharmaceutical substances (substances), supplementary materials, packaging material) and finished product, and also intra-manufacturing control when making medicines.

Basic principles and priorities of QCD are:

  • Giving of reliable data on raw material quality and on finished product;

  • Continuous improvement of technical and normative base;

  • Total carrying out of all tests and control stages on own base;

  • Permanent improvement of specialists’ competency;

  • Permanent improvement of system, based both on own and on international experience;

  • Controlmethodsperfection;

  • Document certification of all the carried out tests and operations.

We can emphasize principal functions which Quality Control Department of JV “Jurabek Laboratories” Ltd carries out:

  • Incoming control of raw material (pharmaceutical substances (substances), supplementary materials, packaging material);

  • Acceptance control of finished product;

  • Working out of specifications to raw material and supplements;

  • Participation in selection of raw material and other suppliers;

  • Supervision over the storing of raw material and finished product in warehouses;

  • Supervision over the sanitary condition of production and warehouse premises, working places and equipment;

  • Sampling of raw material and finished product;

  • Testingonstability;

  • Storing of arbitration samples of raw material and finished medicines;

  • Working out of steps to remove and prevent defective goods manufacture.

Quality Control Department of JV “Jurabek Laboratories” Ltd includes a team of highly qualified specialists with higher education – they are Head of Quality Control Department, Head of Microbiological Laboratory, Team of Chemical Analysts, Microbiologists, Toxicologist and Controllers. Department specialists can solve practically any matters whatsoever related to the product quality.