It is no secret that one of the most important stability indexes of the Company is its social status and environment effects. The Company’s image, not far from the last turn, depends on how deep consumers are aware of its socially-oriented activities.

In order to satisfy social needs of our employees and consumers the team of top managers established high standards on personnel development plan, providing the social events system which is directed to improvement of social group of the staff. Creation of such system is also concentrated to improvement of labour conditions of all category workers, their social-cultural servicing, increase of labour activity, development of the Company’s staff, raising manufacturing effectiveness and providing high results in production-economic and commercial activity of the Company. Our team has a number of indicators which are directing guidelines in social activity of the Company. We can make many examples but we specify only some of them:

– Charity  

Taking into account that pharmaceutical industry has direct influence on the population’s health our Company takes active part in charitable activity. We are actively cooperating with all the medical institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, social organizations on protection of low-bracket category of the population, veterans and pensioners, and periodically grant some medicaments produced at our Company, within gratuitous humanitarian aid.

– Social-psychological climate among staff

When choosing the personnel, we focus on every applicant not only as on a specialist, but evaluate him as an individual. In order to ease entrance of new employee to the established working climate smoothly, there is specially designated and trained officers team in the Company who introduce a newcomer to all the structural subdivisions of the Company, its employees and managers. In choosing the most highly-qualified specialists for our Company, job fairs in which our team takes an active part plays significant role.

– Labour conditions and labour protection of the Company workers and improvement of labour sanitary and hygienic norms

With the purpose to create favourable environment at working places and to provide safe labour conditions our specialists every day carry out events concentrated to preserve working abilities of employees during certain long period of time, consequently, reduce fatigability of employees.   All the events are focused on minimization of any physical and nervous-psychic workloads as well as include establishment of optimal work-rest schedules, organization of working places, improvement of technical condition of working tolls, work intensity, and also establishment of production aesthetics. Annually in the Company we hold the qualification of working places which also permits to improve labour conditions of the Company’ employees.  

– Environmental protection.

Dedicated team of employees consisting of specialists of the Company carries out a number of events on equipment modernization in order to reduce all possible effects on the environment. The equipment installed in the Company operates with the minimum level of noise, vibration, dustiness and gas contamination.

– Social security of the Company’s employees

There is no doubt that every employee must feel his social security. With this purpose our team twice a year organizes medical and professional examinations. We realize that on time detection and treatment of a disease is the integral criteria of improvement of the staff’s health.

– Use of leisure

«Healthy spirit in healthy body!». Famous proverb says so, and we create all conditions for the Company’s employees to support their wishes to use their leisure with maximum benefit. Our Company’s employees take an active part in competitions on badminton, bowling, football and in many other sport events organized both by "Jurabek Laboratories" and other organizations.

– Teaching and trainings.

Our Company’s employees can use their leisure not only participating in different sport events but also raising their qualification, being trained and taught by a group of specialists in the Company. As well as we invite training companies who help our employees to broaden their horizons and to raise their knowledge level.