Glucose - Jurabek

Glucose - Jurabek

Active substance (international unlicensed  name):

dextrose (glucose)

ATX code: В05СХ01

Pharmacotherapeutical group:

Preparation for parenteral introduction



Pharmacologic properties

Preparation for rehydration and desintoxication. Solution of preparation 5 % is being isotonic one for tissues, it fills in loss of liquid by organism very well. Besides, it is the source of valuable light nutrient, at metabolism of which significant amount of energy is extracted which is necessary for vital activity of organism. Solution of preparation 10 % is being hypertensive one for tissues. At its introduction to the vein, osmotic blood pressure increases, liquid flow  from tissues and metabolism intensify, contractive activity of cardiac muscle intensifies, vessels widen, urine output increases.

Indications for use

5 % solution- compensation of carbohydrates shortage in organism, correction of dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea, during post-operational period. Desintoxication infusion therapy. Collaps, shock (as the component of different blood substitute and powder liquids). It is used for preparation of solutions of medicines for intravenous introduction. 10% solution – hypoglycemia, infectious diseases, liver diseases (hepatitis, dystrophy and atrophy of liver), de-compensation of heart activity, pulmonary edema, toxic infections, different intoxications (drugs intoxication, cyanhydric acid and its salts intoxication, carbon oxide intoxication, aniline, arsenous hydrogen, phosgene and other substances intoxication), hemorrhagic diathesis.

Method of application and dosage

To shake vial in order to make sure in its integrity. To heat solution up to 38-40ºС. To open secondary package (if any), having torn by notch. Vial with solution is to be hung on support, to remove mammillary cap and introduce the needle of disposable system. Solution of preparation 5 % is used intravenously, drop-by-drop by 300-1500 ml per day, with maximum  speed up to 150 drops per minute.  Maximum daily dose for adults is 2000 ml. Subcutaneously – by 300-500 ml and more. In enemas - from 300-500 to 1000-2000 ml per day drop-by-drop. Solution of preparation 10% is used intravenously streamly (slowly!) by 20-40-50 ml for introduction. If necessary, to introduce drop-by-drop, maximum up to 60 drops/minute, maximum daily dose for adults is 500 ml per day.


Hyperglycemia, diabetes mellitus

Adverse effects

Ionic imbalance is possible. Seldom: local irritation, trombophlebitis.

Special instructions

For increasing of osmolarity preparation can be combined with isotonic solution of sodium chloride. For more complete and quick assimilation of preparation 4-5 UN of insulin can be introduced.

Form of issue

5 % and 10 % solution for infusion by 100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml in vials.

Terms of storage

At temperature not higher than 25º С.

Shelf life

2 years.

Prescription preparation

Do not use after expiration of shelf life indicated on the package. Store in the place unavailable for children.