Trisol - Jurabek

Trisol - Jurabek

Product form: Solution for infusions,

250 ml in polypropylene vials.

Active substances (INN): Sodium chloride,

potassium chloride, sodium hydrocarbonate.

Composition: Sodium chloride: 5 g,

potassium chloride: 1 g, sodium hydrocarbonate: 4 g,

water for injections: to 1 litre.

                                                                                  Pharmacotherapeutic group:

                                                                                  Saline solutions


Pharmacological properties

The drug produces a hemodynamic (reduces hypovolemia, prevents hemoconcentration and development of metabolic acidosis, improves the capillary blood circulation, strengthens diuresis) and detoxication action.

Indications to use

Bodily dehydration and intoxication which occur in various diseases (acute dysentery, food toxicoinfection, etc.), including cholera (El Tor).

Administration and dosage

The drug is administered intravenously (i.v.) (streamwise or dropwise) in amounts needed for restoring of a volume of the liquid lost with excrements, vomiting, urine and sweat. In severe forms of diseases (hypovolemic infectious-toxic shock, inadequate capillary perfusion, decompensated metabolic acidosis, anuria) it should be started   with stream administration for 1 hour in amount of 7 to10% of the patient's body weight with subsequent change to dropwise administration with the rate of 40 to 120 drops a minute for 24 to 48 hours. In mild types of diseases (intoxication and dehydration of the body, metabolic acidosis, oliguria) it is possible to confine to dropwise administration of the drug. The drug is used under the control of hematocrit and concentration of electrolytes in the blood. The balance of the injected and lost liquid is measured each 6 hours.

Side effects

Tachycardia, cold fits and in some cases development of hyperpotassemia may occur.


Hyperpotassemia, overhydratation, a threat of edema of the lungs, brain, chronic renal and heart failure, hypersensibility to formulation constituents

Special warnings

In case of development of hyperpotassemia till normalization of an electrolytic balance, the drug should be substituted with a Disol solution. Preheat the solution to 36-38°С prior to administration. The drug is stored out of the reach to children and should not be used after the expiry date.

Storage conditions

At the temperature not exceeding 25°С

Shelf life

2 years

Pharmacy purchasing terms

Dispensed with a prescription