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Antimicrobials when adding Trilon-B may enhance suppression zone antimicrobials growth of microorganisms. Jurabek Laboratories, tending to constant innovation and modern technology, produces  a number of products that contain as a stabilizer

03 October 2014

The vomiting is the most serious and common form of early toxemia of pregnancy. Vomiting in early pregnancy occurs in 40-60% of women.                              

29 June 2014

The rationale use of antibiotics, production Jurabek Laboratories, recommended for initial empiric antibiotic therapy of nosocomial (hospital) pneumonia

18 March 2014

Currently, a lot of different intravenous fluids are used in surgical and intensive care practiceto eliminate dehydration. One of such drugs is "Regidratonik" presented by Jurabek Laboratories.

04 March 2014

The article entitled "Formula for Success", published in the national newspaper "Narodnoye slovo" is about success of  JV Jurabek Laboratories.

22 January 2014

The efficacy and tolerability of a new drug of Jurabek Laboratories - solution for infusion «Cipraxol»  has been studied on the pulmonology department of the Tashkent Clinical Hospital №1.          

22 January 2014

Water-electrolyte disturbances are one of the most common causes of critical state patients. Being unrecognized and unaddressed, violations of water-electrolyte balance are crucial to the results of treatment of the underlying disease. 

12 January 2014

The article about starting therapy for hypovolemia in children was published in Medical Express № 3, 2013. Author: MD R.H. Umarov, professor of pediatrics GP - Tashkent Medical Academy.      

10 September 2013

The results of clinical trials on a new drug ‘Regidratonik forte’ of Jurabek Laboratories  were published in the medical journal "Medical Express" № 2, 2013. Authors of the

15 July 2013

Editorial of ‘Economic Bulletin of Uzbekistan’, analytical magazine,  awarded  Jurabek Laboratories LTD with diploma "For the long-term cooperation and contribution  to the development of advertising market of

09 July 2013